MISSION STATEMENT: The Montgomery County Ohio College Promise Program’s mission is to identify, select, and support 500 Montgomery County, poverty impacted, eighth grade students, over a 10-year period, who have shown academic promise so that the dream of attending and graduating from college becomes a reality.

Student Commitment

College Promise Scholars sign a contract that pledges they will be alcohol, tobacco, and drug free; be crime free; practice good citizenship; maintain a strong record of school attendance; achieve the required grade point average; participate in school, community, or faith-based activities; and attend weekly meetings their mentor.


A mentor is a caring adult who freely gives their own time to a young person.  A mentor can have a profound effect on the amount of success that a young person might have.  To a young person, a mentor guarantees that there is someone who cares and that they are not along in dealing with the everyday challenges they face.


By breaking the cycle of poverty for 500 Montgomery County Students, the College Promise Program has a profound impact on not only their quality of life but also the great community.  By attaining their college education at a regional college or university, College Promise students will be attractive for Montgomery County employers, which will retain our investment at home.

cohorts of students have taken part in the College Promise program

395 students have been impacted by College Promise

143 students have attended a partner college or university following high school graduation


The mentor program really helped me when it came to high school and setting goals for myself.

Shelby Turner
Class of 2015

MCOCP Student Spotlight

I can’t wait to graduate and come into a position where I can give my time and support to the community that supported me!

Shaylynn Hespeth
Class of 2015

MCOCP Student Spotlight

I had a dream, a drive, and some goals. I accomplished my goals and watched my dreams unfold.

Theresa Russell
Class of 2014

MCOCP Student Spotlight

My mentor has dramatically influenced my high school education, as well as life, through his servant leadership.

Steven Chen
Class of 2015

MCOCP Student Spotlight

College Promise has allowed me to pursue my career goals without the financial burden of loans to obtain my degree in a timely fashion.

Lanie Weaver
Class of 2015

MCOCP Student Spotlight