Students eligible to participate in the Montgomery County College Promise Scholarship program must demonstrate financial need, be currently enrolled as an eighth grader in Montgomery County, and plan to attend a participating Montgomery County high school.

Students selected have attended school regularly, have earned satisfactory grades, are involved in activities, and are committed to doing their best.
MCOCP Scholarship Recipients

Participating High Schools


  1. Income eligibility as determined by the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service for Free and Reduced Lunch
  2. Demonstrate academic promise, as determined by grades, state test scores, attendance, involvement, recommendations, and additional information submitted.

Student Commitment

  • Be Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Free
  • Be Crime Free
  • Practice Good Citizenship
  • Maintain a strong record of school attendance
  • Participate in school co-curricular or extra curricular activities and /or community/faith based activities
  • Attend weekly meetings with your assigned mentor
  • Attend any at-large programs or activities sponsored by the Montgomery County Ohio College Promise Program
  • Attain a High School Diploma with a Grade Point Average (GPA) and test scores high enough to meet the entrance requirements of partner colleges and universities

Parent Commitment

  • Provide a supportive environment at home that will contribute to the success of your child
  • Develop a positive relationship with the high school, mentor, and Montgomery County Ohio College Promise staff
  • Attend school related functions including but not limited to open houses, scheduling conferences, and parent/teacher conferences
  • Attend any at-large programs or activities sponsored by the Montgomery County Ohio College Promise program
  • Provide releases, which will allow to the College Promise Program to receive both academic and disciplinary information from your child’s school


Complete an application, which will be accepted September 15-November 15.  The application includes:
  • Student Information
  • Parent/Guardian Information
  • Family Income Information
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation (at least 1 from a teacher)
English Application Spanish Application


Class of 2018VIEW

Yaquelin Ayala Fairmont High School
Alexia Bailey Fairmont High School
Jeffrey Banis Dixie High School
Aliah Barker Jefferson High School
Hailley Barnes West Carrollton High School
Maia Barnhart Miamisburg High School
Mariah Brooks Fairmont High School
Kenneth Bryslan West Carrollton High School
Kaitlyn Clampitt Stebbins High School
Preston Collins Fairmont High School
Katelun Combs Stebbins High School
Andrew Dowell Fairmont High School
Luis Estrada-Resendiz Chaminade-Julienne High School
Angel Evans Chaminade-Julienne High School
Dante Gallegos West Carrollton High School
Danielle Gau Northmont High School
Pierson Grant Brookville High School
Haley Hagerdon Stebbins High School
Makayla Hammonds West Carrollton High School
Allora Hern Brookville High School
Brianna Hopkins Northridge High School
Michelle Hwang West Carrollton High School
Mohamhad Issa Dayton Early College Academy
Taylor Jones Dixie High School
Madeline Karolak Fairmont High School
Emily Kepple Miamisburg High School
Veronica Kidd Carroll High School
Ryan Laing Northmont High School
Zoe Laub Stivers School for the Arts
Arthur Lawson Trotwood-Madison High School
Skyler Lewis Miamisburg High School
Tiarra Long Trotwood-Madison High School
Cailey McNinch Dixie High School
Abigail Moore Miamisburg High School
Alexis Nelson Chaminade-Julienne High School
Katelyn Pennington Fairmont High School
Adelina Perez Fairmont High School
Charles Quansah Northmont High School
Shelby Reed Fairmont High School
Rosa Saavedra Martinez West Carrollton High School
Rae’Quan Scott Ponitz Career Technical Center
Jazzmyn Sumlin Ponitz Career Technical Center
Wyatt Taylor Fairmont High School
Logan Terry Fairmont High School
Kimberly Tran Fairmont High School
Caleb Ueckert Fairmont High School
Calvin Unroe Carroll High School
Mikayla VanBrederode Brookville High School
Dawson Walker Northmont High School
Hailey Willis Fairmont High School

Class of 2017VIEW

Molly Barnett Northridge High School
Bradley Bell Miamisburg High School
Christopher Bollinger Stivers School for the Arts
Alex Borns Archbishop Alter High School
Victoria Brabston Fairmont High School
Katharine Breslin Fairmont High School
Noble Byers Oakwood High School
Taylor Collins Fairmont High School
Brandon Collins Chaminade-Julienne High School
Joanie Dale Northmont High School
Steven Davis West Carrollton High School
Brandon Davis West Carrollton High School
Crystal Davis Northmont High School
Lydia Diabate-Tonne Wayne High School
Thomas Estes Fairmont High School
Emma Finch Northmont High School
Timothy Fry III Stivers School for the Arts
Brianna Gavin Chaminade-Julienne High School
Misty Grow Brookville High School
Alexis Hammonds West Carrollton High School
Ketara Hargrove Wayne High School
Kahsia Hawkins West Carrollton High School
Ryan Hedberg Fairmont High School
Austin Hwang West Carrollton High School
Karlee Kreusch Northmont High School
Jayci Lawson Northmont High School
Han Le Stebbins School for the Arts
Brandy Lynch Ponitz Career Technical Center
Michael Marsh Dayton Early College Academy
Ahna Mellinger Stebbins High School
Destiny Mullen Wayne High School
Philip Negron Ponitz Career Technical Center
Alexander Pacleb Stivers School for the Arts
Keiziya Pate Fairmont High School
Valincia Pauley Stivers School for the Arts
Sky Paxton Fairmont High School
Madelyn Pepper Fairmont High School
Alajandro Perez Ponitz Career Technical Center
Michael Phillips Northmont High School
Dustin Pollard Northridge High School
Sethmini Rajaguru Centerville High School
Shamar Roberson Trotwood-Madison High School
Wizdom Scott Trotwood-Madison High School
Skylynn Siens Fairmont High School
Devon Styrcula Wayne High School
Caleb Thompson West Carrollton High School
Fabrice Tuyizere Fairmont High School
Angelica Vazquez Carroll High School
Zade Walters Stivers School for the Arts
Eli Wilson Dayton Early College Academy

Class of 2016VIEW

Suhaib Abudulwahed Dayton Early College Academy
Jordan Aguilar Northmont High School
Brianne Armstrong Dayton Christian School
Valerie Bell Miamisburg High School
Timothy Bowles West Carrollton High School
Eros Byers Oakwood High School
Raeann Calcutta Fairmont High School
Dallas Centers Brookville High School
Adraina Chavez Dayton Early College Academy
Dylan Cloud Stebbins High School
Alexandra Conry Brookville High School
Graham Curry Chaminade-Julienne High School
Reanna Dawson Trotwood-Madison High School
Sianna Dickerson Centerville High School
C’airra Dunson Carroll High School
Vivian Elliott Northridge High School
Carlos Estrada Sanchez Chaminade-Julienne High School
Hope Ewing Fairmont High School
Clara Follin Northridge High School
Macenzie Grant Brookville High School
Zachary Janow Fairmont High School
Gracie Johnson West Carrollton High School
Rachel Kane Fairmont High School
Reginald Lander West Carrollton High School
Maggie Laing Northmont High School
Emma Massing Fairmont High School
Jonathon Mothersole Fairmont High School
Kimberly Mumaw Fairmont High School
Kanani Oreyro Northmont High School
Dorian Parchment Stebbins High School
Jennifer Paucar West Carrollton High School
Yvonne Plump Dayton Christian School
Dakota Price Butler High School
Jacob Reed Oakwood High School
Alexandra Robertson Trotwood-Madison High School
Akirah Robinson Dayton Early College Academy
Celina Rodriguez Miamisburg High School
Arianna Rucker Fairmont High School
Taylor-Jayd Savage Stivers School for the Arts
Ivan Schauer Brookville High School
Maverick Schwartz Fairmont High School
Camille Stevenson Chaminade-Julienne High School
Mikal Toliver Wayne High School
Angelia Tran Fairmont High School
Melissa Warren Northmont High School
DeAysia Winn Wayne High School

Class of 2015VIEW

Emily Adams Centerville High School
Shaniah Adams Northridge High School
Darius Beckham Wayne High School
Tristan Carl Fairmont High School
Steven Chen Brookville High School
Elon Coleman Trotwood-Madison High School
Christopher Crayton Fairmont High School
Kelci Cunningham Northridge High School
Alona Davidson Trotwood-Madison High School
Mia DeBrill Miamisburg High School
Brittany Espino Dayton Early College Academy
Keyonte’ Evans Dayton Early College Academy
Maeisha Gray Trotwood-Madison High School
Afryea Henderson Stivers School for the Arts
Shaylynn Hespeth Dayton Early College Academy
Minh Ho Stebbins High School
Ngan Ho Stebbins High School
Stephanie Hoskins Brookville High School
Peter Idiake Dayton Early College Academy
Chijindy Iwegbu Trotwood-Madison High School
Kiana James Miamisburg High School
Hailey Kemp Oakwood High School
Thao Le Fairmont High School
Cierra Minor Trotwood-Madison High School
Francis Morales Fairmont High School
McKenze Moss Trotwood-Madison High School
Joshua Napier Jefferson High School
Lizbeth Negron Dayton Early College Academy
Nicholas Partridge Brookville High School
Brianna Perry Valley View High School
Rachel Robinett West Carrollton High School
Theresa Russell Centerville High School
Payton Spriggs Butler High School
Styler Stevens Fairmont High School
Shelby Turner Butler High School
Mason Tyler Fairmont High School
Tiffany Washington Ponitz Career Technology Center
Lanie Weaver Centerville High School
Asia Wilkerson Wayne High School
Dallas Works Northmont High School