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MCOCP Scholarship Recipients
Montgomery County Ohio College Promise Scholars, upon the successful completion of high school and meeting the entrance requirements of the partner college or university, are awarded scholarships that allow them to attend college at little to no cost to them or their families.  Funding is comprised of the student’s Pell Grant, a contribution by College Promise, and a scholarship granted by the partner college or university.

College Promise is willing to expand this network to provide diverse pathways that best fit the needs of our students.



As a MCOCP Partner college or university, you will have recruitment access to top performing students from nontraditional backgrounds. All of our students come from families with financial need, with many being minority and first-generation college students.

In high school, College Promise scholars must meet expectations pertaining to grades, participation, and behavior. These students excel academically and are well-rounded in terms of extracurricular involvement. They also receive four years of mentorship, which provides an additional layer of support.

By providing an opportunity for these promising students, you will receive recognition as a MCOCP Partner. Becoming a MCOCP Partner can enhance your recruitment efforts in southwest Ohio. Once these scholars matriculate to your college or university and thrive in your campus community, you also may choose to highlight their many successes.


Upon graduation from high school and enrollment into college, a College Promise scholar should receive a Pell Grant. A scholarship package includes the Pell Grant, contributions from MCOCP and contributions from a MCOCP Partner college or university.

Scholars follow one of two college pathways:

Pathway 1: Scholar completes an Associate’s Degree at a Partner community college or regional university. Following graduation, the scholar transfers to a Partner college or university as a junior, whereupon he or she receives a scholarship covering tuition, fees, books, and room and board for the remaining two years.

Pathway 2: Scholar is competitively selected by a Partner college or university for a four year scholarship that includes tuition, fees, books, and room and board. Selection typically follows a review of the student’s academic merits, a visit to the campus, and an interview.


The number and type of scholarships granted by MCOCP Partner colleges and universities varies. Scholarships generally are two- or four-year commitments. When you are considering your level of participation in the program, please keep in mind our goal is to provide high quality education to our scholars at little or no cost to them or their families. At whatever level you chose to participate, your commitment to investing in the future of these deserving students is highly valued and appreciated.


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