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Call For Mentors

Damir Walter holding a certificate standing next to mentor.The Montgomery County Ohio College Promise mission is to identify, select, and support Montgomery County, economically disadvantaged students, who have shown promise, so their dream of attending and graduating from college becomes a reality. We have remained dedicated to this work since the program began in 2010.

An enduring aspect of the program is that each student is paired with a volunteer adult mentor, who will guide them throughout all four years of high school. This role model has an important influence in the student’s life during critical years of their development. Unlike other “promise” programs, our goal is to transform the student’s life and lift them out of generational poverty.

This past winter, we selected 55 deserving students to be part of the 14th Cohort of College Promise Scholars. We still need 15 volunteers to step up and serve this new group of students. All that is required of our mentors is their time and energy. As an important person in our community, we ask that you help us spread the word about this remaining need. If it applies to you, please consider serving as a mentor.

Prospective mentors should complete an online application here: Volunteers will then receive instructions for a free background check and access to an online training module. We will then hold a mentor luncheon for further information, along with our annual Celebrating Success dinner in August, where our students meet their mentor for the first time.

Please consider making a difference in the life of a young person!


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