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Grade Point Average Calculation

No matter where your student is in their educational journey, it is important for them to know their Grade Point Average (GPA) and how to calculate it.

For freshman, establishing a strong GPA from the outset of their high school experience is important because it serves as a foundation for the years to come.  It is hard to raise a low GPA, so instilling in them the importance of their first semester grades is important.

Students at any grade level can work to improve their GPA with goals that they set each semester or each year.  Learning how to calculate their GPA is a skill that will serve them well in high school and beyond.  The biggest benefit is being able to project outcomes based upon the likelihood they earn certain grades (e.g., “I know if I raise my history grade to an A, my GPA will improve to a 3.75”).

Students should feel free to make use of GPA Calculators that are widely available.  This one offers a feature on how to raise your GPA:

In all cases, students should be thinking about their academic standing, as it will prove important for their future prospects as they near high school graduation.


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