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Helping Students Thrive

College Promise FamilyDear Friends,

The College Promise program is thriving, thanks to your support. Our dedicated mentors are guiding high school students; we maintain a wonderful relationship with our school districts; and we have strong college and university partners.

We are intensifying our engagement with students and mentors during high school, leading to exceptional postsecondary success. Our enrollment, retention, and graduation rates far surpass those of under-resourced students and the county as a whole.

Your financial contributions are well-managed, with over 90% of our funding directly supporting students and scholarships. In addition, our partnerships with colleges and universities amplify your donations, generating 7.5 times that amount in scholarship support and free federal and state aid.

As we launch our Helping Students Thrive Campaign from November 8 to December 31, 2023, we invite you to join us in continuing this success. Learn more on our website:

Thank you for making a meaningful impact in the lives of students and their families!


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