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National Honor Society and Emergency Fund Reminders

National Honor Society
As a reminder, students can take advantage of certain benefits of being a College Promise Scholar.

If students are accepted into National Honor Society, they will receive a $500 scholarship from College Promise.  As the student has exhibited the qualities of character, scholarship, leadership, and service, we ask that the scholarship be applied to one of these areas.  Students in the past have used the scholarship to attend camps, to purchase laptops, to help pay for driver’s education, and beyond.  Should the school your student attends not offer National Honor Society, the student must be recognized in an equivalent program or participate in comparable activities (we work with the schools that do not offer NHS to determine what program or attributes qualify).  The student and mentor should work with the School Liaison to inform us that the student has earned this honor, so we can make sure the scholarship is available.  Students who receive the award will pay for the item or activity to be reimbursed, or College Promise must receive an invoice from the organization to pay directly on the student’s behalf.  We do not award students the money directly.

Beyond rewarding our students’ extraordinary efforts, we also have an emergency fund that any of our students who have legitimate, unanticipated financial need can be awarded.  We review each request on a case-by-case basis and will only award so much funding per request; however, we have helped students in the past with a variety of needs related to school expenses and beyond.

Please remember to share these opportunities to your student, whether it is to celebrate their outstanding achievements or to provide them with a safety net to ensure they can focus on their studies.


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