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Eleventh Hour

Madison D’Amico is a senior, who is in the red on the left.

Senior year is an exciting but potentially challenging time.  Students can feel the weight of a few big decisions that will alter the course of their life, like their postsecondary plans, their college or university choice, their course of study, and beyond.  Being part of College Promise should help simplify the process, at least that has been one of our goals.  With that said, thankfully we have now 12 college and university partners, which expands the possibilities open to our students.

In order to address some of the concerns seniors might have and to help them plan ahead, Jenni is meeting with all seniors individually (remotely) this year.  During this meeting, Jenni will review the FAFSA, talk about the application process, go over the selection process for College Promise scholarships, and help students to begin narrowing their choices.  She also will collect updated information, so we can communicate with seniors as needed throughout the year.

If you have a senior, be sure to remind them of the letter they received in the mail and their obligation to reach out to Jenni at their earliest convenience.  If your student is not yet a senior, be sure to begin having initial conversations about college and inform them that they will have additional responsibilities when they reach that point.  We want students to begin taking responsibility for their decisions over time, but we will always provide support for them as they do so.


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Senior Contact Information Sheet


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