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Student Spotlight: Alejandro Perez

Alejandro PerezAlejandro Perez is a 2017 graduate of Ponitz Career Technology Center.  In 2021 Alejandro graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.  Prior to that, he earned his Associate of Arts from Sinclair Community College.

In college, Alejandro met individuals who would become some of his closest friends.  He also was taught by some wonderful professors who helped to shape his experience.

Alejandro shared that education was a priority in his family but going to college was not realistic.  He said, “Because of the price, my family always looked the other direction and never considered it a possibility.  However, the day College Promise came to us during my middle school years, they saw that this could be a reality.”

From an early age, Alejandro dreamed of becoming a teacher.  Today, he has achieved his goal and is a 4th grade teacher at DECA Prep.  He said, “I am a male elementary school teacher, which is very rare to see in today’s world.  I live to inspire and be a role model not just to my students but to everyone around me.”

Alejandro’s experiences proved that working hard in school could really pay off.  Thanks to his dedication and passion for education, he will certainly serve as a role model for the next generation.


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