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Student Spotlight: Lucas Houk

Lucas HoukLucas Houk, a 2019 graduate of Wayne High School, is part of the Montgomery County Ohio College Promise Program.  Lucas graduated from Xavier University in 2023 with a double major in Finance and International Business.   

Lucas was a decorated athlete and student leader in high school, and he continued to excel in college.  He shared that he greatly valued the relationships he developed with his professors.  Within his major, he also had the opportunity to work on the D’Artagnan Capital Fund, which is a student-led investment fund.

The College Promise Scholarship provided great financial relief for Lucas and his family.  In addition, it helped to motivate him.  Lucas said, “I felt extremely lucky and blessed to have been selected for this scholarship, and that provided great motivation during the difficult times navigating college.”

As important as the scholarship was to him, the relationship with his mentor, Joseph Fulford, has had a lasting impact.  Lucas said, “I can’t thank my college promise mentor enough.  I have no idea how I could ever repay him for the work he put into our relationship as I came up in high school.  Better yet, we were able to keep in touch during college.”  They did this by regularly meeting up at Marion’s Pizza for “good eats and good chats.”

We hope Lucas and Joe continue to have a meaningful relationship and that Lucas continues to benefit from this life-changing opportunity.  

Lucas Houk with mentor Joe Fulford


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