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Student Spotlight: Misty Grow

Misty Grow, a 2017 graduate of Brookville High School, is part of the Montgomery County Ohio College Promise Program.  Misty graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelor of Arts in 2021.  She previously earned an associate degree from Sinclair Community College in 2019.  

Attending college had a profound impact on Misty’s career aspirations.  She said, “Without the College Promise program, I would not have been able to go to college and discover my interest and love for social work.”  Misty also benefited from the social experience, as she was able to make lifelong friends during college. 

Misty and her mentor, Patty Peters, developed a strong bond.  Misty said, “She has become a part of my family, and I have become a part of hers.”  When Patty committed to being a mentor, she hoped that sharing her own experiences as a first-generation college student would have a positive impact on Misty.  Patty said, “Eight years later, it has been a special privilege to walk alongside Misty as she reaches each new goal.”

Following graduation, Misty earned her Social Work license.  Today, she works at Catholic Social Services as a case manager for the Refugee Resettlement department. 


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