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Student Spotlight: Samantha Medina

Samantha standing outside on a sunny day wearing a pink formal dress.Over the past school year, we have seen so many of our students’ great accomplishments. Beyond performing exceptionally well in the classroom, many of our scholars have athletic and artistic talents.

Samantha Medina, a graduating senior at Wayne High School, is involved in art, design, and digital media.  She said, “Art and design are hobbies that I have enjoyed since I was young. I have recently discovered digital media last year, and it is an activity that I am passionate about and I want to create a career out of.”  

At a Business Professionals of America competition, Samantha received first place at the Regional Level in the Advanced Desktop Publishing section.  It comes as no surprise that her career goal is to become a graphic designer and create posters, advertisements, webpages, and more for businesses, schools, and other industries.

Samantha with other students and their awards.


Samantha shared with us some of her creative works in both art and digital media.


Pencil illustration of a woman of African descent created by Samantha Medina

This is a hand drawn portrait of a woman that I made for my art class using the grid method and graphite pencils. 


Magazine Cover - Graphic Design project

This is a magazine cover I made of a famous celebrity in my Interactive Multimedia class. The layout was created in Adobe InDesign and the photo was edited in Adobe Photoshop.

As a program, and on behalf of our mentors, we are always amazed by our students.  We applaud all of our College Promise Scholars following a successful 2023-24 school year and encourage them to enjoy a well-deserved break. 


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