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Student Spotlight: Sethmini Rajaguru

Sethmini and K-Pop ClubSethmini Rajaguru, a 2017 graduate of Centerville High School, is part of the Montgomery County Ohio College Promise Program. Sethmini graduated from the University of Findlay in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Spanish and Chemistry. She is currently working for Scribe-X, a medical scribe company, and wants to use her skills and knowledge to help those in need.

The College Promise scholarship allowed Sethmini to her focus on her studies without having to worry about expenses. She said, “It took a lot of weight off of my shoulders, and I was able to get more involved in activities.” One of those activities was forming a new student organization, the Korean-Pop Club. Sethmini explained, “I wanted to make a place for students to have fun and get to know their peers through music.”

Sethmini and familyBeyond her involvement in college, Sethmini shared, “I am willing to get involved in the community to help those in need.” We wish her continued success on her journey and know she will continue along the path to meet her goals.





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