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Student Spotlight: ShayLynn Hespeth

ShayLynn HespethShayLynn Hespeth is a 2015 graduate of Dayton Early College Academy (DECA).  ShayLynn attended the University of Dayton by earning the prestigious McIntosh Scholarship.  In May 2019, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education and a minor in History.

When she was in college, ShayLynn told us, “I cannot wait to graduate and take a position where I can give my time and support the community that supported me.”  She more than delivered on that objective.  ShayLynn now teaches 8th grade Social Studies at DECA Middle School, where she attended when she applied to be part of the College Promise program.  In this most perfect scenario, ShayLynn now writes recommendations for deserving students aspiring to be College Promise Scholars.

Regarding her teaching role, ShayLynn said, “I love the kids and the many relationships that have come as a result of being a teacher in the school that taught me! The full circle aspect really warms my soul, especially because I know that I sit in a position to lead and inspire kids to potentially be an 8th grade social studies teacher (just like mine did for me).”

She further shared the impact that College Promise and her mentor, Lori Simms Park, had on her: “I know I will always have College Promise to thank for my post-grad life.  This program was the start of me being something great.”

We are fortunate to have had ShayLynn take part in the College Promise program and would like to recognize the role model she has become and the impact she will continue to have as an educator in our area.


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