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Summer Mentoring Expectations

Montgomery County Summer MentoringAs a reminder, mentors are not expected to hold regular meetings with their mentees over the summer.  However, we encourage mentors to stay engaged with their student through periodic check-ins.

Some ways to stay connected with your student are to get together a few times for ice cream, coffee, lunch, etc.  Or you can attend a special event in the community: ball game, concert, festival, or some other activity.  Remember that verbal parent permission is required to meet with your student, and parents must complete a waiver for you to provide transportation. This can be downloaded using the button below.

If getting together in person is not possible or there are safety concerns, connecting by text or phone is always an option.  At the very least, the dialogue will provide some structure for when you reconvene.

While keeping contact is not required, staying connected will help you to know how your student is spending his or her time.  It will also ensure you do not lose ground once school begins and you start meeting weekly.  Ultimately, we hope that you remain a constant presence in your student’s life.



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