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Summertime for MCOCP

Carmen Ford with sculpture

As you might imagine, our mentors and students largely take a break over the summer.  Since College Promise is a school based mentoring program, mentors and students are not required to meet. Over summer, they do not have the same structure and space that school allows, and most of our students need time to recharge.

With that said, we encourage mentors to keep in touch with their students.  This could mean texting periodically or meeting remotely as needed. They could also plan a fun outing filled with activities such as getting ice cream or going to the park. By staying in touch, mentors can ensure they do not lose any momentum they had gained the previous year.

With August already here, it is hard to believe that most students have just a few weeks left before school begins. Hopefully, our mentor pairs can take advantage of any remaining opportunities to connect. We expect that our students have enjoyed their break and will come back eager to learn!

Kathy Hagerty and Carmen Ford with sculpture


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