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Wrapping up the 2021-22 School Year

Last Day of SchoolAs the 2021-22 academic year comes to a close, many students will be taking the State “End of Course” exams in various subjects.  Oftentimes the high school will set aside multiple class periods and change the day’s bell schedule.  Ask your student if there might be a conflict around your meeting time.  

The last week of classes for seniors is normally sooner than for underclassmen.  If you mentor a graduating senior, keep that in mind.  For many of our seniors, the last week of classes will be early May.

  Final exams for underclassmen are normally the last week of school.  We recommend you plan for your last visit the week prior.  As the year-end approaches, ask your student what exams they will be taking, how they will prepare, and what exams they might be “exempt” from taking.  It is a good time to look at the results of first semester exams and identify subjects in which the student may have had a lower result than expected.  Strategize how best to prepare.  

Prior to parting ways for the summer, take time to make sure you have up to date contact information for your student. 

Thank you for making the 2021-22 academic year a successful one.  We appreciate all you do!


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